Achieving Excellence Through Happy, Holistic Learning

Tutors at Fusion Education Support are experts in their field, with extensive experience in tutoring and coaching to individual needs. Our teaching personnel ensure your child has all the support they need to thrive and achieve the very best they can. Tutors are available for a variety of subjects including arts, languages, music, science and many more. We build a completely personalised schedule of learning and pair your your child with the perfect tutor for them and their specific educational needs.

At Fusion Education Support we take deep pride in our tutors and their backgrounds in education from some of the most prestigious universities and campuses around the world. Our location in the heart of the home counties of Great Britain gives us access to the alumni and faculty of Oxford and Cambridge university as well as many of London's top educational institutions.

The tutors we work with have extensive teaching experience many of whom hold distinguished decorations and honours for their teaching ability awarded by various educational bodies recognised in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

The emphasis on 'happy learning' is key at Fusion Education Support. We believe that students will succeed if they love the education they receive. Our tutors recognise and act on this credence by ensuring classes are engaging and enjoyable. Learning is fun, your child's achievements are reflected by our educators holistic, well rounded approach to tutoring.

Students Taking Exams
Happy Learning Tutors

Learning is something we truly believe should be an enjoyable experience.

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Individual Attention

Our classes remain small so your child gets the attention they deserve from their tutor

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Reaching a Childs Potential

Every child has the potential to achieve excellence.

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Individual Needs

Each student is carefully assessed to make sure the teaching process fits their learning style

Weimin He

Dr. Weimin He studied Fine Art in both China and the UK and was
awarded a PhD in 2005 from the School of Art and Design, University of Ulster, Belfast. Weimin worked as Christensen Fellow on Chinese
painting at the Ashmolean Museum from 2005- 2009 and subsequently he
became the artist-in-residence at the Oxford University Estates until
Currently Weimin works as the artist-in-residence in the Green
Templton College, and teaches life drawing at the Ruskin School of
Art, University of Oxford. 

Weimin He works on paper.png

Jay Nolan-Latchford

Jay Nolan-Latchford is a professional artist and qualified tutor.
With a diploma in illustration, a Batchelor of Arts in Design and a postgraduate in printmaking she specialises in inks, watercolour and acrylics.

Jay has previously taught in schools and now runs popular art workshops for adults, children and family groups as well as one to one tutoring.


All Tutors

The Fusion Education Support tutors are well versed in providing individual holistic educational support. please follow the link below to see a full list of the teaching personnel we have available with further links to a full tutor profile so you can get to know your child's tutor. 

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