FES Team


Reg Koster

Modern Foreign Language Educator

FES Career Mentor


Dr Weimin He

Resident Artist in University of Oxford

FES Art Mentor


Jay Nolan-Latchford

UK Artist

FES Art Mentor


Richard Harvey


Education & Culture


FES Education Consultant

Mr Harvey was appointed as one of the youngest headmasters of an independent school within the
U.K and has excellent links with leading schools and universities in the U.K. 

Mr Harvey grew up within Windsor Castle and his background and skills have enabled him to give students a rich and deeper understanding of the U.K., its values and its history. 


Francis Cubbitt

A Level Examiner Insight

FES Education Consultant

Mr Francis Cubbitt taught Economics and Business in both state and private schools for 14 years, becoming Key Stage 5 Coordinator for these subjects and advising many sixth form students on University entrance. He has been an A level examiner for AQA, Edexcel and OCR. 

Mr Cubbitt is a former pupil of Harrow School and alumni of Chistchurch College,  The University of Oxford where he was Open Scholar.


Thomas Metcalf

Music Education Expert

FES Music Mentor

Mr Metcalf is a DPhil (PhD) candidate in Music at the University of Oxford, where he specialises in composition and contemporary music. He achieved both bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Worcester College, Oxford, where he was the Ogilvie Thompson Scholar, receiving a wide grounding in all aspects of musical study.


Fay Yiu

Academic Program Director

FES Education Consultant

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Dr Andy Byerley

FES Operational Director

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Scarlett Liu

TEFL Expert Tutor

FES Education Consultant